I am a hiker (see: thehikeguy.com), an artist, a photographer, and a naturalist. If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me at kahunna[-at-]gmail.com.

In May 2009, I decided I needed to get into better shape so I promised myself that I would hike more. 100 times by the end of that year, to be precise. And so began a love affair with hiking. Since that spring day in 2009, I have hiked over 3,000 miles of trail and I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.

For the remaining months of 2012 and into 2013, I am going to raise the bar a bit and attempt to hike 100 times AND over 700 trail miles.

This resolution is not going to sit on a pad of paper like a grocery list, to be forgotten and discarded like a fading dream. It needs to be shouted acrossacross the Internet for everyone to know about. I’m usually not one to quit things, especially if I’ve put it on the Internet saying I’d do it.

So here it goes:

I, Kolby Kirk, resolve to hike one hundred times and seven hundred trail miles by January 1st, 2014.

Just so I’m clear with you and myself, here is my own version of the legal fine print:

  1. A “hike” is defined as a walk on a trail and mostly on unpaved surfaces. (There will be no “hikes” to the grocery store.) The only exception is if a “trail” is a paved footpath or a road closed to through traffic (example: a retired road).
  2. A hike can be any length, but 100 hikes must equal at least 700 miles. If I do a 2-mile hike, the rules of averages say that a hike in the future will have to be 12 miles in length
  3. I can decide which hikes to include in this project, but only before going on the next hike. If I complete a relatively-short 4 mile hike, for instance, I have to decide if I want to count it as a part of my 100 Hikes before starting on my next hike.
  4. Proof of a hike must be posted to this website in order to count. “Proof” is defined as a photo, video, or GPS track. This will keep myself from cheating (not that I would) and saying I hiked on said date when I really just sat on my butt and watched reruns of Futurama or something.