Progress Report – June 2013

Well, it has been far too long since my last update.

You’ve read this before, I’m sure. I’ve found it countless times on blogs that haven’t posted in months. The statement is usually followed with something like, “My life has been so busy!” and “I promise to spend more time blogging, you’ll see!“  Despite the best intentions, these phrases usually end up being a blog’s equivalent of a death rattle. Search the web and, more times than not, the last post on a blog has these optimistic postings as their last.

But this is not the case for! I could go into details on why I haven’t blogged here for months, but… No. You know what? I WILL go into details on why I haven’t been blogging here: it’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve been hiking! Although this blog has started gathering cobwebs and dust, it is not because I have given up on the 100 Hikes Project. Au contraire! Honestly, I’d rather hike than blog, and I’ve been hiking a lot.*

So in my last progress report (September 2012), I was excited for the project and all the hiking that I planned to do. I can honestly say that I’m still excited and there’s still a lot of hiking to be done.

To review, my goal is to hike one-hundred times and complete seven-hundred trail miles by 2014. I’ve been at this project now for 296 days and have completed 58 hikes and 374 miles of trail. Thus far, I’ve averaged 6.4 miles/hike. The shortest hike was 1.5 miles in length. (Um. I counted two 1.5-mile hikes, actually.) The longest was 32 miles.



Click on the image for more detail. The green line is the target mileage, steadily growing until December 31st and 700 trail miles meet. The blue line is my actual progress, like a piece of paper catching the wind. I’ve had to play a game of catch up a few times (highlighted hikes are in the red bubbles) but I’m comfortable with where I’m at: 374 miles, 35 miles off target.



Click on the image for more detail. The blue dots represent the goal: averaging a hike every five days. The red dots represent my actual hiking tally. I set the bar high on this goal, so I’m not surprised nor disappointed that I’ve been below goal most of the time. However, I’m currently right at goal: 58 hikes.


Hike #8 – I had a stong start to this project and, by Hike #8, I was 26.1 miles ahead of the goal. I would stay ahead of the game until October.
Hike #15 – By late October, winter was starting to settle in on Central Oregon. For the next 80 days, I would only make time to hike SEVEN TIMES. Hike #15 is one of a few that I’ve done out of Oregon.
Hike #23 – A reawakening! When all looked lost, I dug deep and found the strength to pick up the pace. I broke down the big goal of 100 hikes and 700 miles into a smaller, bite-sized, goal-within-a-goal: to reach Hike #30 by January 20th. Or, in other words, eight hikes in thirteen days. And I did it!
Hike #34 – I kept the strong pace going until late January. By this hike, I had tromped on 230 miles of trail. I was right on schedule with the number of hikes, but was 7.2 miles behind on my mileage goal. With more hours dedicated to my job and more inches of snow on the ground in the area, my pace slowed considerably during the next few weeks – more-so for my mileage goal than my hike count goal.
Hike #58 – As the weather warms the snow melts, and the days get longer, I’m getting outdoors more often and for longer amounts of time. I hiked six times in the last nine days and I plan on keeping up the pace throughout the summer.

My concentration right now is to pick up the pace. I’ve got to bring up that average, which is currently at 6.4-miles per hike. I hope to get it up to at least 7.4 m/hike before winter settles back into the Cascades. Since I predict that my last dozen or so hikes will occur in wetter/colder weather, I need to get some serious hikes in this summer. I’m aiming to reach Hike #90 and mile #650 by Halloween, allowing myself the last sixty days of the year to do 10 five-mile hikes.

*When I do update the Internet on my recent hikes, I usually turn to Facebook or Instagram (@Kahunna).  You might want to check those pages out when this blog is silent.