"I resolve to hike one hundred times and seven hundred trail miles by 2014."

Kolby Kirk

Progress Report – June 2013

Well, it has been far too long since my last update.

You’ve read this before, I’m sure. I’ve found it countless times on blogs that haven’t posted in months. The statement is usually followed with something like, “My life has been so busy!” and “I promise to spend more time blogging, you’ll see!“  Despite the best intentions, these phrases usually end up being a blog’s equivalent of a death rattle. Search the web and, more times than not, the last post on a blog has these optimistic postings as their last.

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I am a hiker (see: thehikeguy.com), an artist, a photographer, and a naturalist. If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me at kahunna[-at-]gmail.com.

In May 2009, I decided I needed to get into better shape so I promised myself that I would hike more. 100 times by the end of that year, to be precise. And so began a love affair with hiking. Since that spring day in 2009, I have hiked over 3,000 miles of trail and I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.

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